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Swing: East Coast, West Coast, Vintage, Lindy…

Swing dancing in Toronto- Mondays

Begins Jan 9th 2024

At StOlave’s – 360 Windermere Ave

West Coast Swing

7pm-8pm – 101 /Novice

7:45 pm- 8:45pm – Beginner/Improver

Swing dancing in Toronto join us today and have fun!

Vintage / Single Swing

8:45pm-9:45 pm – 101 / Novice

wing dancing in Toron

How Much Does It Cost

60min – $26,55+HST($30) Per Person

8 weeks
60min – $163,72+HST($185) Per Person

  • For solo registration – please fill contact form
  • Sign up for 8 weeks as a couple and save $50 for Novice (60min) and $30 for other courses (as compared to regular price calculated with HST).
  • Additional discount if attending twice a week – please check our full pricing for details.

Why Swing dancing in Toronto?

It’s energetic, outgoing, up-bit, physical, entertaining and just simply FUN!

Strengthen your body, loose extra pounds, get your energy and mood way up, and – on top of that – meet new people and make friends.

Swing Dancing family is enormous. It is Rock’n’Roll, Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Single Swing, West Coast Swing…

Swing dancing in Toronto the best way to feel fine

And since they were all a product of their times: 1920’s Lindy Hop, 1950’s Rock’n’Roll etc.: all of them are somewhat different from one another, and all fit best to a bit different music.

Hard to believe it all started with Charleston and Foxtrot some 130 years ago…

Swing dancing in Toronto: What is SWANGO?

When Argentine Tango crossed it’s path with Waltz so many decades ago, the marriage created a new dance – a Tango Vals – that become a staple of Argentine Tango family on par with Milonga.

If only historically Argentine Tango had more time to interact with Swing, especially with its moody French Gypsy Swing cousin, Swango would have been another of the regular tandas we usually dance to.

As such encounter never came to pass, we decided to make up for the lost time and from previous unsuccessful attempts to marry Tango with West Coast Swing, bring SWANGO to it’s proper place.

SWANGO fits squarely between Argentine Tango, Tango Nuevo and Milonga on one, LindyHop and all of Retro Swing family including Foxtrot and Balboa on second, and Latin Fusion with Salsa, Cumbia, Kizomba Semba and Samba on the third side.

Check out those great Swing Dancing tunes…

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