Pricing / Payment options

Packages are for consecutive weeks. Missed classes do not extend packages. There are no refunds. For full cancelations and enrollment policy plase click HERE

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Group Classes

  • 101 – Fundamentals / Beginner – 60 min long
    Drop-in – $30( $26,55+HST) Per Person, $60 Per Couple
    8 Consecutive Weeks Pass – $185 ($163,72+HST) Per Person
    Couples get $50 off the 8 Weeks Pass final price making it $320 Per Couple.
  • Beginner / Improver
    Improver / Intermediate
    Intermediate / Advanced
    Drop-in – $35 ($30,98+HST) Per Person
    8 Consecutive weeks $200 ( $176,99+HST) Per Person
    Couples get $30 off the 8 Weeks Pass final price making it $370 Per Couple
  • Ballroom Club / Master Classes
    Drop-in – $40 ($35.40+HST) Per Person
    8 Consecutive weeks $215 ($190.26+HST) Per Person
    Couples get $30 off the 8 Weeks Pass final price making it $400 Per Couple.

    30% 0FF on second course during the week. This discount doesn’t apply to seasonal promotions – Discount and promotions cannot be combined with any other promotion.

Check our Private classes prices list

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For anything outside of our regular price list give us a call.

Missed Class and Cancelation Policy

Packages of group classes are for consecutive weeks (with exception of weeks during which the class falls on statutory holidays only) and do not get extended past their end date.

What if I miss a group class?
The “missed” class will not extend your package, however, you might be able to make it up as there are groups of a similar (if not same) level at different time slots and on various days throughout the week. You can do make-up providing the group is not full, you have a partner to attend with, and the level of difficulty is comparable.  In order to take advantage of this privilege you have to get an OK from the instructors first. You have time till the end of the package you are currently using to request the make up of the class, after your package “runs out” doing the make up will no longer be available. In some circumstances it might be possible to extend the make-up window to another package of classes.

If the cancellation of a group class happens due to teacher’s or TDS’s fault, the package gets extended.

Cancelation of a whole course:
Once the group course the client registered for has started, there are no refunds. In some situations – if it turns out the client cannot participate on the given day and the course has already started – there might be a possibility to switch to another day of the week, providing there is a course of comparable level in same style with room available. In such case the final decision is up to the instructor / TDS management and the clients have the time till the end of their original package to take advantage of the classes they have been assigned to as a replacement.

If the cancellation of a course happens due to teacher’s or TDS’s fault or low turnout, the package fees get refunded proportionally to the number of the classes that have not taken place.

Cancelling of a private or semi private class
There is a minimum of 24 h notice required for a private or semi-private class cancellation. Party cancelling a private or a semi-private class less then 24h in advance will be charged the full class’ fee.

Signing up / Enrolling / Registering.

Before showing up for the first time be sure to contact us.
Just in case there is an unscheduled cancellation, we wouldn’t want you traveling all the way down for nothing.

Prices subject to change without prior notice – the change does not affect packages already purchased.

Payment methods:
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