Ballroom Dancing at Toronto Dance Spot™. Where you can spread your wings and cover the floor…

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Fall 2023 Ballroom dancing
Wednesdays Schedule

Ballroom Dancing Toronto. Enjoy the ballroom size floor dancing and uninhibited movement.

  • Monday – Ballroom dancing for beginners – 60 min

6:45pm – 7:45pm – Starts on: November 6th
Swansea Town Hall –  directions

No previous experience necessary.

  • Wednesday – Ballroom dancing for beginners – 60 min

7pm – 8pm – Starts on: October 4th – join us!
Location: St. Olave’s Anglican Church
 – directions

No previous experience necessary.

  • Wednesday’s Ballroom Club – 80 min – Ongoing

8pm- 8.40pm – Ballroom Club Standard / Smooth

8.40pm-9.20pm – Ballroom Club Latin / Rhythm

1800sqf – it is the parish hall of St. Olave’s Anglican Church, 360 Windermere Ave, Toronto

Previous experience a must. Registering as couples has priority. If you don’t have a partner we have a list and can assist in matching approximately to age and height so you can sign up as a couple.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Ballroom for beginners – 60 min long8 Consecutive weeks

  • Drop-in
  • 60min – $26,55+HST($30) Per Person

  • 8 weeks pass
  • 60min – $163,72+HST($185) Per Person

For solo registration – please fill contact form
Sign up for 8 weeks as a couple and save $50 for Novice (60min) (as compared to regular price calculated with HST).

Additional discount if attending twice a week – please check our full pricing for details.

  • Ballroom Club – 80 min long8 Consecutive weeks

80min – $35.40+HST($40) Per Person

8 weeks
80min – $190.26+HST($215) Per Person

For solo registration – please fill contact form
Sign up for 8 weeks as a couple and save $30 (as compared to regular price calculated with HST).
Additional discount if attending twice a week – please check our full pricing for details.

Why Ballroom Dancing?

Only Ballroom dancing treats the floor space so extravagantly and possessively. During our classes you’ll have a chance to try your best in flowy Waltzes, Smooth Foxtrot, dramatic Tangos, and the whole repertoire of Latin and Swing family including Rumba, Chacha, Samba, Jive and East Coast Swing

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Why Our Classes ?

You’ll always jump higher with someone’s perfectly timed boost.

It needs to be timed right though… That is what good Leading is about.

The ability to use this help to the fullest is what good Following is about.

To move dynamically on your own, you have no choice but to use your own body only. With a partner you can use one another in a controlled counter-balance to change the rules of the game.

We will show you how to dance the way we like to dance: with comfort and connection, and softness, and ease, without tension, and strained knees, avoiding torn shoulders and aching backs, we will make it look natural and dynamic.

It works for us. We find it comfortable, and yet playful and snappy. No artificial posing – just good flow and good rhythm, and good energy back and forth.

You will learn in details all the ins and outs of leading and following for every pattern and combination, and with that you’ll learn how to control your balance and flow and look great and feel great on the dance floor.

Still not convinced Ballroom Dancing could be for you?

What is so special about Ballroom style of dancing? Well… See for yourself: Check out those incredible dances – do they ever FLOW!

English Waltz

Slow Foxtrot

Viennese Waltz

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