First Dance / Wedding Choreography
September Promotions: Thursday, Friday: Sept 7, 8, 2017

Toronto Dance Spot – New/Old school back in town.

After twelve years of stomping on European ground, Adam Czub’s School of Dance is back in Toronto. From this season on you’ll be able to find us on FB and on the web under TorontoDanceSpot.

While we were gone, we have grown away from my humble beginnings, reaching far back to Dancing on King times. In twelve years we changed location half a dozen times, created and closed down four studios, got married, had a son who is eight now, had several thousands of dancers file through our studios, and at the end we had a large school in Poznańs downtown core with over two hundred active students when we were closing.

We felt we have reached our limit there, and needed new goals to test ourselves with. With broken heart and to our students dismay we have decided to close down and move to GTO.  Now we are eager to face new challenges, start with a clean slate.

In our first year back we want to focus on West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango, Ballroom Standard, and Night Club Latin. The group classes will be held in three locations over at the west end of the city:

Swansea Town Hall in Toronto on Thursdays and Fridays,

Canadian Royal Legion Branch 101 in Toronto on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,

Livadia Banquet hall in Missassauga on Mondays. 

Private classes will be held in Legion 101.

All locations have nice spacious dance floors and long standing dancing history. We are exited at a prospect of a new beginning  

It’s good to be back in TO! See you on a dance floor.

Ania and Adam