Ladies’ Tango Technique
Wedding day
FIRST DANCE choreography – wedding preparation season has began.

Men’s Tango Technique – New Hours: Mondays 7 pm – 8 pm

Argentine Tango Men’s/Leaders’ Technique classes with Adam Czub at TorontoDanceSpot.


Every Monday from 7 pm to 8 pm we are focusing on various aspects of Argentine Tango dancing technique from perspective of a Leader.   

We work on balance and posture, rhythm and timing, sequencing, movement control,  as well as most common embellishments and adornments. We also work on strategies for improving leaders floor craft as well as pattern retention and implementation. 


This class is intended for leaders of all levels of skill assuming you have working knowledge of at least few basic Argentine Tango elements like forward and back ochos, giro and/or “salida”. 

Location: 622 Bloor St. West.

$100 for set of 6 weeks.

Drop in: $20.


For information contact 647-937-9378 or e-mail