Today: 27 Dec, 2018 Argentine TANGO Thursdays / TORONTO
Celebration of Life – Anna Devuyst

Ladies’ TANGO TECHNIQUE – New Hours:
Tuesdays 7pm – 8pm

Ladies’ Tango Technique class with Adam Czub at TorontoDanceSpot.

Every Tuesday from 7 pm till 8 pm we will be covering essentials of good body alignment and action from the perspective of a Follower / Interpreter. We will be focusing on core strengthening, sequencing, most common adornments, balance and posture, disassociation and flexibility, timing, speed and control. 

From pivoting during ochos, ballance during boleos, to swinging leg in ganchos, this class will give you the technical know-how every follower should have. This knowledge will not only help you execute various elements with ease and confidence, but will protect you from injuries that usually result from attempting to do difficult things based on force rather then technical correctness. 

This class is intended for ladies of all levels of skill assuming you have working knowledge of at least few basic Argentine Tango elements like forward and back ochos, giro or the cross. 

Location: 622 Bloor St. West.

$100 for set of 6 weeks.

Drop in: $20.


For information contact 647-937-9378 or e-mail