Argentine Tango 3 for 1 Summer Special
Toronto Dance Spot – New/Old school back in town.

First Dance / Wedding Choreography

Wedding day

➤Individual approach to Wedding Dances for newlyweds

➤Over 20 years experience with all kinds of choreography, from stage – theatre, movie set, TV, shows and competition, to social groups and individual amateurs.

➤Full range of routines, from simplest to most elaborate, it could be either one tune or many mixed one after another.

➤We digitally cut the music right on the spot.

➤Flexible daytime and evening hours.

➤Material is presented in professional manner, always put together with your capabilities in mind. Choreography should never push couple out of their comfort zone. Choreographer needs to know how to put elements together the right way so you are able to memorize it, dance it well, flow with the dance, in general – feel comfortable with it. If that is not taken care of, the dancers stress shows and the end result is spoiled. That is where instructors experience comes in.

➤Give us a call during daytime, the consultation over the phone is free.

(647) 937-9378

Private class: 60 min. – 85 CAD (all in)