Fridays 8:30 pm: SALSA Level III+ at TorontoDanceSpot

Argentine TANGO Thursdays at Swansea Town Hall

Argentine Tango Thursdays at Swansea Town Hall

7:15 pm – 8:25 pm     Tango Technique – Couples
During this class we focus on the technical aspects of couples communication, position, alignment, understanding of how to create space for one another and how to keep balance together and yet separately as well. We improve your dancing by series of exercises meant to broaden your understanding of the intricacies of  Argentine Tango.

8:30 pm – 9:40 pm    D.C.F.P. – Dynamics, Connection, Flow, Patterns. 
This class is meant for those with at least 1 year of dance experience – we cover various topics always trying to focus on technical correctness and efficiency, and present new material in a form of a practical dancing pattern.

If you would like to join our dance classes please call 647 937 9378 or email us at