tango technigue
Argentine Tango Technique
2 Levels: Novice/Beginner and Improver/Intermediate
Intermediate and Advanced Argentine Tango Class
with Adam Czub – Wednesdays 8:45 PM

Fridays SALSA at TorontoDanceSpot

Salsa classes at Toronto Dance Spot:

7:00 – 8:00 PM – Salsa Level I 

8:00 – 9:00 PM – Salsa Level II /III

9:00 – 10:00 PM – Salsa Level IV+ 


Salsa Level I 

No experience or partner necessary!


Salsa level II & up

This group is about adding more patterns and combinations to your Salsa. We work on rhythm and musicality as well as improving your following and leading skills. Since there are several styles of Salsa, we are focusing on most popular and practical patterns and figures of the most prominent style: “Salsa on 1” with a typical for Toronto mixing of Linear Salsa with Cuban and Colombian combinations.

You need to have previous Salsa experience to join this group. If you don’t have a partner give us a call and we’ll put you on the waiting list.

This course is meant to be a fun and a relaxing form of exercise, while providing precise and technically correct information. We do not teach “choreography” by heart. Dancing based on leading and following not only allows the participants to reproduce steps and figures in a safe fashion, it gives them a chance to dance Salsa with anybody and anywhere in the world.

No partner necessary!


622 Bloor St. West,


Group classes 4 weeks packages:
1 class per week                      $100

Group classes 6 weeks packages:
1 class per week                      $135

Group classes 10 weeks packages:
1 class per week                      $205

For booking call 647 937 9378 or shoot an e-mail to info@torontodancespot.com


Instructor: Adam Czub

His greatest asset is an ability to impart vast amounts of knowledge and to motivate his students to work hard, while at the same time keep the mood light, make students laugh and have lots of fun.

Adam is a professional dance instructor with over 34 years of dancing and more then 24 years of international teaching experience from Europe, Canada, United States and Hong Kong.

His dance experience ranges from competitive and show dancing, choreography for theatre and movies, to teaching extra curricular, graduate and post graduate courses at a university level.