Sunday Jan 27 Tango Practica Canceled
Fridays 8:30 pm: SALSA Level III+ at TorontoDanceSpot

Changes, changes, changes… What’s in store for us in 2019?

Welcome to 2019!

Happy New Year to all of you dance enthusiasts.


We have a busy schedule ahead of us, just waiting to be announced and made available to you this January.

There will be more Argentine Tango in form of both regular groups and technique classes, we will be going back to Ballroom dancing, both in Social style, as well as in International form. There will be more Salsa and Night Club Latin. We also will be going back to West Coast Swing. You’ll find details in the next post.


And what made it all come to pass, was a sad thing, not too many people in Toronto wanted to talk much about.


With passing of a memorable teacher and adjudicator, Anna Devuyst, there has been need for someone to step in.

We have been using Anna’s downstairs studio for our classes before, and the main studio after Her untimely departure. Even when not knowing what will be happening to the building, we tried to take care of the studio in the small capacity we had. We have done some cosmetic changes many of you have commented on. I guess before making up their mind, Anna’s family wanted to see how we will be taking care of things in Her absence. So few weeks ago Anna’s nephew has asked us to take the location over once all the legal issues are resolved. This way we will have a place to grow, and Anna’s last wish will become reality: for 622 Bloor St West to continue to be a dancing hub of Toronto. So it looks like Anna’s Dance Center will become a first permanent location of our dance school and become Toronto Dance Spot.


But before this process is completed, there is still plenty of work ahead of us.


So in the new 2019, I wish all of you happy dancing times and plenty of fruitful hours of hard work and sweat on the dance floor.

And to you Anna… Thank You, and may You rest in peace knowing, we all will be trying our best to fill the big dance shoes you have left us…


See you on the dance floor.

Adam Czub