Friday 8:30 pm: Salsa Level I at Swansea Town Hall
Argentine Tango Thursdays at Swansea Town Hall

Argentine Tango Technique at Swansea Town Hall

Every Thursday from 7:15 pm to 8:25 pm:

Argentine Tango Technique, At Swansea Town Hall.


Today we are continuing what we have started last week: a class devoted to exercises focusing on technique of fundamentals of Argentine Tango movement. We work on balance, posture, steps execution, stride, leg and foot action, isolation, connection, various spins and rotations and any other aspects of body control that will help improve your execution of Argentine Tango steps and patterns. You do not need a partner for this class: it is suitable for both leaders and interpreters (followers) regardless of your level of dancing. It will be held on every Thursdays from 7:15 pm to 8:25 pm at the Swansea Town Hall. For more information please call 647-937-9378 or e-mail us at