September Promotions: Thursday, Friday: Sept 7, 8, 2017

Hello Toronto Dancers!   At the beginning of this season, throughout September we will be giving our time an knowledge away in a series of free dance classes. These will be either small group or individual dance classes for couples, or solo technique group classes, and will be fitted in between other stuff that is already scheduled in our time […]

Toronto Dance Spot – New/Old school back in town.

After twelve years of stomping on European ground, Adam Czub’s School of Dance is back in Toronto. From this season on you’ll be able to find us on FB and on the web under TorontoDanceSpot. While we were gone, we have grown away from my humble beginnings, reaching far back to Dancing on King times. In twelve years we changed […]

First Dance / Wedding Choreography

➤Individual approach to Wedding Dances for newlyweds ➤Over 20 years experience with all kinds of choreography, from stage – theatre, movie set, TV, shows and competition, to social groups and individual amateurs. ➤Full range of routines, from simplest to most elaborate, it could be either one tune or many mixed one after another. ➤We digitally cut the music right on […]