The Mission Statement.


I try to educate the way I would like to be educated.

I believe the dance classes ought to be taught at the highest level, with full awareness of the learning process, proper dance dynamics and safety.

The dace floor must not be overcrowded. The instructor must have the time to approach everybody and help individually. I believe in quality not quantity.

Students should be able to acquire knowledge while having fun. The dance class is the time for working the mind and the body, the time for discovery and development of new skills, for getting perspective and distance from everyday stress. The curriculum ought to be structured in such a way, the right information is given at the right time, minimizing the risk of bad habits being developed and ingrained.

Balance, harmony, clarity, expression – these are the standards and measures of success when moving to the music. Dancing is for everybody and at any age. It gives joy to those who participate, warm and fuzzy feelings to those who watch, it nourishes the soul and maintains the body. Stronger, farther, faster, are not the prerequisites of dancing, however, if competitive approach is what you desire, we will guide you the athletic way, making sure the risks of injuries are minimized.

The instructors working with us ought to feel they not only participate in their student improvement, but also improve themselves. A dance school should be a place where everybody has a chance to grow, a place where both teachers’ and students’ work is fostered and admired, for we are all students of “The Art”. None of us have arrived, we are all on a path.

The main idea is to create a dance school I myself would like to attend, a dance school I wish I had a chance to start my dancing at, when I was just getting started.

That is my goal, and that is my work.


See you on the dance floor.

Adam Czub