Cost / Payment options

Our Prices

Regular group classes are 70 min. long.
Technique classes are 60 min. long.

Prices are as you see them. **

6 weeks regular group – 1 class per week                                                                                 $120
A regular group class drop in                                                                                                        $25

6 weeks technique class – 1 class per week                                                                            $100
A technique class drop in                                                                                                             $20

Second group class in a week discount:                                                                                     20% off *           
Third group class in a week discount:                                                                                         40% off *
Fourth group class in a week discount:                                                                                       60% off *

Regular private class: 60 min. per 1 person / 1 couple                                                             $85

For cost of wedding preparation private and semi-private classes please visit Wedding Preperation page of our web service.

For anything else just give us a call.

* The discount for attending multiple groups in the week does not apply to drop ins, and is always applied to the classes with the lower price.
** There  is no HST since we are exempt, the prices are as they are listed. We reserve the right to change prices. We will inform everybody about the changes in advance.


How can I pay ?

Payment methods:
Cash, personal cheque or e-mail transfer:
E-transfers: please send to:


Missed Class and Cancelation Policy

What if I miss a group class?
The “missed” class will not “move forward” and extend your set of 6, however, you will be able to make it up – with certain conditions. There are groups of a similar (if not same) level at different time slots and on various days throughout the week. The technique class can be made up on another technique class, a regular group class can be made up on either regular group or a technique class, providing the group is not full and the level of difficulty is compatible. In order to take advantage of this privilege you have to get an OK from the instructors first. You have time till the end of the set of 6 to make up the class, after your set of 6 “runs out” doing the make up will no longer be available.

If the cancellation of a group class happens due to teacher’s fault, the set of 6 classes gets extended.

Cancelling of a private or semi private class

There is a minimum of 24 h notice required for a private or semi-private class cancellation. Party cancelling a private or a semi-private class less then 24h prior, will be charged 50%, if less then 12h prior – 100% of a class’ fee,


Signing up / Enrolling / Registering.

Before showing up for the first time be sure to contact us.
Just in case there is an unscheduled cancellation, we wouldn’t want you traveling all the way down for nothing.