Cost / Payment option

All goroup classes are 70min long.


A single class drop in                                                                                                                   $25

One level – 6 weeks – 1 class per week                                                                                     $120

Second class in a week – second class with a 25% discount off the regular price            $90

Third class in a week – half price                                                                                                $60

Private class: 50 min. per 1 couple                                                                                              $85

For anything else just give us a call.


Payment methods:

Cash or e-mail transfer



The basic block for getting dance classes in our studio is 8 consecutive weeks.

We consider that 1 level, but to be honest the choice is rather arbitrary. Different schools chose different sets.


There  is no HST as of yet and the prices are as they are listed. We reserve the right to change prices if we have to start charging HST. We will inform everybody about the changes in advance.

What if I miss a group class?

The “missed” class will not “move forward” and extend your set of 8, but you will most likely be able to make it up. If there is a parallel group at another time or day, providing the class is not full you can drop in to make up the lost one. You have to get an OK from the instructors first.